Fitted Cap vs Snapback

19 January 2023
  • The History of the Cap

    As the name would suggest, fitted caps are a style of hat that are made to fit your head without being adjustable (with a range of sizes available). Originally made for baseball players, the fitted hat was simply used as a comfortable and recognisable way to keep the sun from players’ eyes. In the ‘50s, New Era revamped their classic fitted hat into the style we see today: the 59Fifty. With a fitted design, ventilating holes and a large visor, this timeless cap is still popular to this day.

    Snapback caps first gained popularity in the ‘70s when they were adopted by baseball players, reaching their peak in the ‘80s when they were repped by R&B artists like Run-DMC and Beastie Boys. We all know and love the classic snapback hat, with an adjustable back closure that can fit (almost) any head size or shape. Today, snapback caps continue to be used by athletes, but have also become an iconic fashion staple for both men and women.

  • Closure & Sizing 

    The primary difference between a fitted cap and a snapback is their closure system.

    As the name implies, fitted hats are designed to fit your head snugly without any sort of adjustable closure. They usually come in multiple sizes so you can find one that fits you best. As they’re pre-made to fit a certain size and shape of head, they’re often smaller than snapbacks since there's no adjustability, and instead can be available in numbered sizes or standard sizing (small, medium or large). For example, the New Era 59Fifty range is available in mens sizes between 6⅞ and 8¼, with sizes going up 1/3rd of an inch at a time. 

    Snapbacks, on the other hand, feature an adjustable snap closure at the back of the hat that allows you to customise its fit to your head shape. Ideal for teams or clubs, snapback hats feature a plastic strap in the back that allows for a wide range of sizes. New Era’s 9Fifty snapback range featured both a “one-size-fits-most” model, as well as S-M, M-L and L-XL sizing on certain ranges. The adjustable nature of the snapback cap means it's much easier to find a piece that fits without needing to work out your specific size.

  • Style & Popularity

    Both styles of cap have been repped proudly throughout the years, being a big part of fan gear, streetwear style and hip hop culture across the world. The baseball cap—in any form—is a core element of American style, with fitted caps being around since baseball became popular more than 100 years ago. First created for official team uniforms, they quickly spread to fans who wanted to rep their teams without sporting the whole uniform. Since then, fitted caps have gone in and out of style, with snapback designs being the preferred choice in the mainstream fashion scene. The classic design of snapbacks makes them incredibly versatile, lending themselves to virtually any outfit style. Loved for their adjustable fit and streetwear look, snapback hats are an accessible option for mainstream audiences. 

  • The Winner 

    When it comes to baseball caps, headwear and the battle of snapback vs fitted hat, it’s all down to personal preference. With so many different designs available nowadays, it’s never been easier to find one (or two) to suit your individual style. So whether you prefer the classic feel of a fitted cap or the adjustability of a snapback, adding either one of these timeless accessories to your fit is a brilliant way to give yourself a crowning look. 

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