Sports & Basketball Socks


Sports & Basketball Socks

Combining design and individuality, StateSide Sports represents style and expression in everyday premium streetwear. Add a touch of texture and colour to your everyday uniform with our handpicked range of American sports and lifestyle apparel, headwear, shoes and socks. Recognising the need for iconic and recognisable brands and designs, StateSide Sports has fast become the go-to online retailer for always-trending clothing and athletic accessories featuring brands from the NBA to Nike.

There really has never been any piece of clothing quite so important than a good pair of socks. A top drawer full of these necessary staples should be fun and functional, bringing simplicity to you as you get dressed with ease. The variety of designs, colours and options offered by StateSide Sports, can give you the option to choose the right socks for adults and juniors. Worn by surfers, skaters, artists, athletes and performers, these sports socks celebrate originality and cultural icons.

Iconic style and performance

Choosing sports apparel goes beyond bold prints and team designs, even though this makes shopping them much more enjoyable. The first step is to shop online for the quality, selection and range that celebrates the best accessories. For example, the right of socks pair will cradle the feet and the material will not bunch up. This is important to prevent the sock from sagging within the shoe. The seam of the toes should ideally sit directly on top the toes for a smooth and clean look.

While shopping for men and junior sportswear, you will probably notice numerous athletic sock styles. These styles are designed to fulfil different needs. But the crew cut is ideal for ensuring a comfortable and easy fit. With popular designs from Stance to Nike, we stock only the best on StateSide Sports so everyone can love their wardrobe. Kids get the bonus of an ‘always cool’ look.

Crew sock designs offer the advantage of staying in place after they are pulled up. This is suitable for those who do not want to deal with constantly tugging on their socks while they play and run. For casual occasions, they pair well with shorts, a t-shirt, and an exclusion House of Headwear cap.

Athletic NBA socks are a good choice with a simple, energetic design that will help you rep your favourite players and pair with your favourite jersey. Sports socks typically consist of thicker materials that can withstand constant movement. Cushioning helps to enhance comfort while moving around to help keep you on your toes during your game!

Whether you are looking for a simple pair for everyday wear or team colours for the next game, shopping at Stateside Sports is always essential. With free shipping and quick delivery, your favourite socks will be ready to pull up with your favourite sneakers in an instant. With the best quality, comfort and durability choose a pair for each day of the week.  Contact us for more about our range of U.S streetwear products.