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Jordan Australia: Jordan Hoodies, Shirts, & Clothing

Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Even though he retired 17 years ago, the man's influence on the world of both basketball and fashion remains just as relevant today. Not many athletes can say that they've transcended from basketball into a global brand that's partnered with Nike. As you can see from the range of Jordan clothes and jerseys that Stateside Sports have in stock, Michael Jordan is a cut above. 

Jordan Australia Merch

What really elevated Jordan above his peers wasn't his natural talent; it was his work ethic and uncompromising sheer will to win at all costs. A Jordan jersey with the iconic Jordan 23 on the back became synonymous with hard work and success, and now Stateside Sports is your go-to source for U.S sports gear and Jordan clothes in Australia. Whether you're after that classic Jordan jersey or some of the more modern iterations of Jordan clothes, we've got something for everyone. 

Jordan Clothing

The iconic range includes everything from your classic everyday Jordan clothing essentials to the stylish Jordan x Paris Saint-Germain collection and even the functional Jordan Dri-Fit clothes. Jordan jerseys are just a small part of our range—we’re proud to bring you Jordan shirts, Jordan hoodies and Jordan jumpers that will have you standing out from the crowd. If you’re after some subtle Jordan gear, we also stock Jordan branded accessories including wristbands, socks, hats and so much more. 

Jordan NBA Merch

There's no denying that the Jordan brand has stood the test of time. Jordan is arguably more trendy now than during the height of Jordan's NBA career in the ‘90s, as the range is a wearable piece of basketball history. The Jordan brand has moved beyond the classic Chicago Bulls iconic 3 colours of red, black, and white. This iconic collection of Michael Jordan jerseys and merchandise spans a range of styles and seasons, so no matter your team, we’re confident there’s a piece of Jordan clothing perfect for you.

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Stateside Sports is a trusted Australian brand bringing U.S sports gear to Aussie fans, and we’re proud to stock NBA merchandise across every team in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. If you're an Australian basketball fan looking for a Jordan jersey or you just want to browse our huge range of general Jordan clothes, Stateside Sports is the place to be.

Buying a Jordan jersey in Australia? Browse and instantly buy from our Jordan range online from our website. Alternatively, the team at Stateside Sports are happy to help you find the exact Jordan jersey that you're after from our in-store range in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, or the Gold Coast. Contact us on our site or come in store to see the full collection of NBA Merch. Simply select your location using our handy store locator.