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*INTRODUCING: CASIO VINTAGE SERIES* Casio’s watch empire surfaced in 1974, with their first design hitting the market during a time where digital technology was a new concept for watches. But Casio, already at the forefront of cutting-edge electronic technology were already ahead of the times. They created the first watch design that went beyond a simple clock face to one that could display a.m and p.m, days of the week, automatic calendar functions and more. Their designs were game changing and transcended conventional ideas of the wristwatch, and Casio proves time and time again why their timeless designs are statement pieces even today.  Casio’s B640WB-1A is popular retro style and the sleek, glossy black finish gives a mechanical touch to this premium design. Featuring a calendar that automatically updates, multi-alarm and stop watch functions, with a countdown option. This watch also has a light-emitting diode (LED) to ensure readability in any light setting and is water resistant with a stainless-steel band. Lifestyle | Culture | Contest