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Solid World Tour Tee

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The Stussy World Tour collection is here! Shawn Stussy, founder of the brand first released this collection in 1989. London, Parison, LA, NY and Tokyo were considered to be the style capitals of the contemporary world, Stussy thought to bring together two worlds where the style of high-end fashion pieces depicting these cities in a Helvetica style font were combined with a grungy, graffiti style streetwear addition. Now the combination of the two is not only a juxtapose of two fashion cultures, but a representation of Stussy’s international presence in the streetwear game!

The Solid World Tour features the now well-known design small printed on the chest, against a loose-fitting cotton silhouette. The shoulders are dropped, and the sleeves come down lower than most tee’s adding to the casual skater vibe Stussy loves to bring.